The ride on the canal

The ride on the canal

              Hello good people!

           You all know how it feels, when after a hard and long day at work you get at home , get a big meal and then … the beautiful couch is waiting for you. I really believe that once you make yourself comfortable, that’s it, the day is gone.

           If you want to get rid of a boring day like the one that I just described to you I strongly recommend to take your bike or if you don’t have one a walk will do just the same and go on the canal. Lucky me, this canal is 10 min away from were I live and it is definitely not a short one being named Leeds- Liverpool Canal.

           I’m telling you, if you never been on this canal on a sunny day and you are living near it you don’t know what you’re missing.

           After an hour of riding on the canal, I came home and this is what I got on my camera. What can I say , ordinary day, great experience.

           Enjoy the pictures!







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