The Lost Flight To Iceland- Keflavik

The Lost Flight To Iceland- Keflavik

                    As you may all know, not every holiday is going to turn out exactly as you expect it. You can plan as much as you want, but if it’s not meant to be it’s not going to happen. Well, here is the short story of events.
                    On the 23rd of May, on a Wednesday at  2 AM, me and my wife  were dressing up to get ready to drive for about three hours to Luton Airport to catch our Keflavik flight. It took us a while to recheck the luggage and have some food. At 3:20 AM we were on the way. After approximately an hour and a half of driving, two traffic cars were blocking the motorway and holding us to drive under 15 miles/hour for about 35 minutes.

                     Being in such a rush and following the Google maps navigation we missed the entrance for the long term parking  at the airport and as you all had this experience-can see the exact location right over the street, but you just can’t reach it- we lost another 25 mins to get there, because we had to drive all the way back and get out of the short stay parking spot.Then, after we finally parked the car in that place, we were waiting for the buss which was supposed to take us to the airport and guess what- it was late for another 30 min.

                    So, here it is. The phone was showing 7:10 a.m. and our plane was just tacking off while we entered the airport. Great! What should we do now?!!
                    First we called all the agencies to see if we can get  any refunds and cancel the holiday.The refunds were insignificant . The next flight was in two days at the same hour. After 20 minutes of discussions with my wife we decided to call our friends from London Gica and Daniela to ask them as kindly as we could if they can host us for two days and then we bought the new flight tickets to Reykjavik. I can’t say how delighted they were for having us again.
                    Not long after we settled in our room, we took a nap and then, me, Luiza and Daniela ( Gica was at work) decided to go for a walk in Canons Park and also had a photo session.
                     Here are a few photos. Enjoy! 


P.S: Wish us good luck with our next flight!


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