One Day In Vatra-Dornei- Romania

One Day In Vatra-Dornei- Romania

        This was our first day in Romania after almost a year. Even if we got just a 5 hour sleep at night, because our flight arrived at Cluj-Napoca Airport at 1:30 AM, we still managed to wake up early,had a meal, hopped in our car and drove for 4 hours . 

As soon as we left Cluj-Napoca, the landscape changed completely. The small, uninhabited hills quickly turned into wooded areas with imposing mountains which had ice on their crest .

We met our beloved maid of honour and best man at this beautiful place called Vatra Dornei.

 Even if this trip was just for a day we had a lot of fun. They also gave us some great news- they are going to have their first baby! We can’t wait to meet you little one!

Congratulations, Ioana and Marian!!!


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