Fairy Tales Are Real!

     Just a normal Friday,  you know, that kind of day that me and my wife got nothing to do with work. It was about 5 PM and I was just chillin’ in the kitchen when I’m hearing somebody sneaking behind my back…obviously Luiza. Nothing abnormal these days, but when I turned around and I saw her I was speechless for about 5 seconds. I have never seen her before wearing such make-up. I was really impressed. ”Wow…this is it!!!” I said. ”I will choose a dress for you and we are going into the woods for a photo session! ”  It was about 6 PM and I was getting ready for the photo shooting. Checking my backpack , making sure that everything was inside and I’m not going to forget the second battery for the camera like it happened last time. I’m grabbing the umbrella and the flashes and I’m ready to go.

Now I got to tell you a few things about this situation. This woods are just across the street from my house. It wasn’t easy to find a good place for the shooting and in some places the ground was quite steep. Outside it was about 29 degrees Celsius and there was no wind. I’m telling you those 29 felt like 35 and we had to hurry because we didn’t want Luiza’s make-up to melt. Carrying all the gear plus her hills hanging on my backpack we finally found the right place, but the only problem we had now was that  during the setup I couldn’t find a flat surface for the umbrella’s stand . With her help and me running after all kind of rocks and pieces of wood I finally managed to get the stand in the right position. 20 minutes past and we are ready for the photo session. After all the trouble we are really pleased with what we’ve done that day. I hope you will enjoy this pictures as much as we did!

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