Get to know me.

Perfection. Let’s talk a bit about it.Such a beautiful word that everyone aspires to and it’s obsessed with nowadays. We see people trying to achieve it everywhere: Instagram, Facebook, TV, social media and real life.

Everyone wants to look their best all the time, act like nothing’s wrong, always look posh, rich,careless,like they’ve got it all together.

And then,there’s me…



Growing up with 6 siblings in a small town in the heart of the Carpathian Arch, in Transylvania I realised from a very early age that I have to find my own path.

I was the one that you could always count on to get in trouble.Getting in trouble so much made me realise pretty soon that this kind of behaviour will not get me far in life.

That’s why I started focusing my energy on new activities that soon became my passions.

Nothing gives me more freedom than playing basketball.Whenever I play, I feel like time freezes and I can express myself freely. Meeting new mates, passionate people with incredible stories ,this is what it’s all about .Whenever you fall on the floor you will always find a helping hand pulling you up again.

This is what I love about basketball.No matter your background,we are all equal.

Photography is my newest passion. I just fell in love with it. I see beauty in places that people are just passing by.It can be a light, the rain, a gesture ,something that sparks an emotion even in the most insignificant places.To feel doesn’t cost anything,you just have to take your time to observe .

Try to get out of your comfort zone as much as you can .

You cannot experience growth without trying new things.This doesn’t mean that it’s supposed to be easy.

So be passionate,  don’t be afraid to fall and embrace the unknown. 

Beauty is everywhere.